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2018 Theme : The Transition

I: Cardiovascular Physiology

Expert bench-to-bedside scientific presentations which will shed new light on the fields of Fetal and Perinatal Pulmonary Vascular Resistance and the Role of Oxygen.

Fetal & Perinatal Pulmonary Vascular Resistance; Implications for Neonatal Care

Dr. Satyan Lakshminrusimha

Pathophysiology of Hypoxia

Dr. Shyamala Dakshinamurti

II: Clinical Cardiovascular Complications

Important clinical dilemmas surrounding the treatment of Transitional Pulmonary Hypertension in Term and Preterm infants and how to implement a Physiological Approach to Transitional Hypotension.

Clinical Controversies:

Transitional Pulmonary Hypertension

Management approaches

Dr. Martin Kluckow

Physiological Approach to Transitional Hypotension

Dr. Shahab Noori

III: Advanced Imaging

Novel imaging methods are being developed and adapted for the neonatal population.  Cutting edge presentations will aid neonatologists in Refining Echocardiography Techniques to Assess Heart Function and take our cardiovascular imaging Beyond Echocardiography.

Cardiovascular Assessment: Beyond Echocardiography

Dr. Alan Groves

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