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The last decade has witnessed significant advancement in the assessment, understanding and management of neonatal hemodynamics. One of the aims of the PanAmerican Hemodynamic Collaborative is to advance the quality of neonatal hemodynamic care globally through the provision of an educational forum which is controversial, thought-provoking, innovative and fosters scientific collaboration through the sharing of ideas and state-of-the-art technical skills. We believe this symposium represents an excellent opportunity for neonatal clinicians to interface with experts in neonatology and support the advancement of scientific growth in this rapidly growing field.

Patrick J. McNamara
Chair, PanAmerican Hemodynamics Collaborative


The area of focus for NeoHemodynamics 2018 is  “Transitional Hemodynamics”.

  • To discuss fundamental principles underlying of the physiology of neonatal transition

  • To explore new insights into various presentations of adverse cardiovascular transition [e.g. persistent pulmonary hypertension, transitional hypotension and perinatal hypoxic ischaemic injury]

  • To highlight advanced monitoring of cardiovascular health using innovative imaging techniques.

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