Breakfast Symposium

TBD.  8am - 9am

Artificial Intelligence in NICU

Pre-Conference Workshops

TBD.  10am - 12pm

Overview of TnECHO - Cases, imaging basics, EchoCOM Neonatal Echo Simulator [Regan E Giesinger, Adrianne Rahde Bischoff, Ashraf Kharrat]

Critical Care Physiology for Allied Health - Special session for nurses/NPs, RTs, Pharmacists, Dietitians [Sharifa Habib, Michelle Baczynski, Emily Spellman]

Critical Care Procedures - Point of care ultrasound, chest tubes, lines [Timothy G Elgin, Brady J A'Hearn-Thomas]

Care of the 22 week Infant - High frequency jet ventilation, respiratory care. [Jonathan M Klein, John M Dagle, Tarah T Colaizy]

Neuro-Critical Monitoring - Use of NIRS and CFM/aEEG in the NICU [Heidi M Harmon, Theresa Czech]

Foundations in Physiology

Essential Principles in Cardiovascular Physiology [Patrick J McNamara, Iowa City]

Normal Neonatal Myocardium [Philip T Levy, Boston]

Genetic Determinants of Heart and Vessel Development - [Jeffrey C Murray, Iowa City]

Neuro-Hormonal Regulation of Blood Pressure - [Jeffrey L Segar, Milwaukee​]

TBD. 1pm - 3:30pm

ICU Monitoring

TBD. 3:30pm - 5pm

Monitoring of the Cardiovascular System in the NICU [Philip T Levy, Boston]

Physiologic Triaging of the Hypotensive Infant [Regan E Giesinger, Iowa City]

Special Physiologic Considerations in the Transition of the Preterm Infant - [Dany E Weisz, Toronto]

Respiratory Physiology

TBD. 5pm - 6pm

Precision of Respiratory care in the Ultra-Low Birthweight Infant [Jonathan M Klein, Iowa City]

Cardiopulmonary Interactions in the Mechanically Ventilated Infant [Dany E Weisz, Toronto]

Critical Hemodynamic Illness

TBD. 8am - 10am

Neurological Impact of Acute Cardiovascular Instability [Zachary A Vesoulis, St Louis]

Approach to Unstable Heart Rhythm Disturbances in Neonates [Ian Law, Iowa City]

Hemodynamic Compromise: Special Considerations in HIE, IDM, AVM - [Regan E Giesinger, Iowa City]

Rational use of Cardiopulmonary Drugs in the NICU - [Chris McPherson, St. Louis]

PDA in Health & Disease

TBD. 10am - 11:30am

How genetics informs PDA care [John M Dagle, Iowa City]

PDA Physiology & Treatment Choices [Amish Jain, Toronto]

Cardiac Catheterization & PDA Closure - [Carl Backes, Columbus]

Pulmonary Hypertension

TBD. 11:30am - 4:30pm*

Physiologic Principles of Acute Pulmonary Hypertension [Patrick J McNamara, Iowa City]

Hemodynamic Compromise in CDH [Brady J A'Hearn-Thomas, Iowa City]

Chronic Pulmonary Hypertension in BPD [Amish Jain, Toronto]

Lung Optimization for Chronic Pulmonary Hypertension [Jonathan M Klein, Iowa City]

Pulmonary Vascular Assessment using Cardiac Catheterization [Daniel McLennan, Iowa City]

Cardiac MRI and Assessment of Pulmonary Vascular Disease [Ravi Ashwath, Iowa City]

*1 hour lunch included